The Quiet in between moments

Im here to capture it all. From sun drenched landscapes to the BIG JUST MARRIED kiss, the little goosebumps on your arms, and the the happy tears rolling down your face. All the tiny and beautiful moments that make your day what it is. Im here for you, to capture these memories.

What inspires me

Mountain peaks, open fields. Dirt under my feet, all the greens and foliage. Good food, better wine. Lovely company, beautiful interiors. Secret written words, my notebook. Campfires, all the stars. Just love.

About connection

We will be spending a lot of time together, so it’s important we mesh well. Get in touch, and don’t skip out on all the details.

My Philosophy

This is about that real love stuff.

The kind that makes your heart beat a little faster,
makes you want to hug that little bit tighter,
stay out under the stars and moon a little big longer
and breathe those memories in a little deeper.

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“There is a creative freedom, an addiction if you will, that comes from Photography, the art of visual story telling. We are all in this life for a fraction of time, doing what we can, creating our stories. I would love the pleasure of helping to tell your story, whatever that may be.”


Clare & Lewis

“Right from my first enquiry with Jess she was on our level. Calm, funny and wanting to have the best time. Jess took the time to get to know my partner and I. Asking how we met, what we like doing and what we really wanted from our special day. Nothing was ever an issue and all our questions were answered.”

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